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      [interview] yuanqinshan, chairman of Universiade group: building a world-class brand rooted in Yuncheng
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      Editor's press
      As the representative of modern manufacturing industry in our city and even in our province, the leapfrog development of Dayun group in recent years has attracted considerable attention.
      Combing the good experience of the transformation and development of Universiade can provide the general rules for the growth of other enterprises, on the other hand, it is also conducive to supply on demand and create a better development environment for enterprises.
      Yuncheng Daily has launched a series of reports on "transition code" of Universiade. Please pay attention to it.
      From selling motorcycles, selling motorcycles, making motorcycles, and then producing trucks and new energy vehicles, the development history of Dayun group has a bit of legend.
      As a local enterprise cultivated by Yuncheng, Dayun group has grown into the leading representative of private commercial truck enterprises in China and the leading enterprise in automobile equipment manufacturing industry in Shanxi Province, representing the level of Yuncheng and even modern manufacturing in Shanxi.
      What are the core secrets of the leap forward development of Universiade group, what enlightenment will it bring to other enterprises and how likely is the possibility of copying? What new strategic plans and dreams will Universiade have in the Dongfeng of "four for four high and two synchronization" and "five grasping, one excellent and one promotion"?
      On July 9, the reporter made a special interview with yuanqinshan, chairman of the Universiade group.
      Three transformations, risk turns into opportunity
      Reporter: from "one ride in thousands of miles" to Guangzhou Motor dealers, to now producing self-owned brand trucks and new energy vehicles, it has become a representative of Shanxi modern manufacturing. What are the core experiences of the three major transformation and development of Universiade?
      Yuanqinshan: the core is the core of the country. I think it is the national policy and the guidance of all aspects of the country's policies. As I often say, without good soil policy, seeds are hard to germinate, let alone thrive, which is a big environment and a big premise. In addition, it is our own efforts. Only good soil, you do not work hard, do not drill into the soil, nor grow out. So with the good policies of the country, we must work hard. Everything has to be causal, and there is no result without cause. No one sleeps up, the enterprise will grow bigger and stronger, that is not realistic. As we General Secretary Xi said, happiness is a struggle.
      Reporter: every transformation of Universiade actually means adventure at that time. What regularity makes you turn risk into opportunity every time?
      Yuanqinshan: it is really very important. What to do is the first strategic conditions (big environment and Policy) to be met. If not, your efforts may not be useful. Second, you have to have some basic conditions, such as you must have good seeds and certain economic strength. Just like the seeds are planted and then they need to be watered and fertilized, they need to be put into the early stage. If there is any problem in this aspect, it is likely that the half way will be abandoned. Third, there must be a good team. For example, we have made motorcycles for more than ten years before we make trucks, and we have made a lot of preparations in management, sales and talents. Although motorcycles are very different from automobiles, there are still many similarities in production and sales. Fourth, it depends on the competitors. Your conditions are good, but if the competitors have better conditions, they will also be very troublesome and difficult to succeed. Private enterprises in truck production field are very few, leaving us a little space, so we develop faster. Fifth, we must see the opportunity. The western countries in the field of fuel vehicles have developed so early than us for so many years. It is very difficult for us to catch up with them. However, new energy vehicles have just begun abroad. In this new track, everyone is on the same starting line. It is easier to catch up with each other if we try our best. These are all strategic contents, and in addition to strategy, tactics are also very important. Otherwise, China is facing the same "strategic conditions", why should you develop? There are three of our experiences. First, we should make good quality, use good supporting parts and use good technology, which is the premise. Second, we should do well after-sales service and network distribution, so that consumers have no worries about it. Third, let our consumers and dealers get benefits. We are willing to buy your products to expand the scale.
      When we started to do trucks, some people questioned that now we have developed well in three bases in Yuncheng, Chengdu and Shiyan. Now, we're starting to produce new energy vehicles, and some people are starting to question it again. This may be because they only see the risks, not the opportunities that are contained in them. I don't know. There is no chance where risks come. We will prove it to the world. I believe in our decision-making.
      Reporter: what are the main contradictions that hinder the development of the Universiade?
      Yuanqinshan: I think the main problem of development is still in my own. For example, if you don't work hard, you can lose money if you don't make decisions, and you can also bring disaster. You have only 10000 yuan in your pocket, and your ability is limited. It is impossible for you to borrow one million or 10 million from others to develop together. But you have 10 billion, and it's easier to borrow 1billion or 2 billion. If you don't work hard, you will probably lose your own money and borrow money from others. In the current development environment, success and failure are the main reasons.
      Achieve the world-class brand dream to gain more respect and recognition.
      Reporter: what is your ideal lucky luck like and what position should you occupy in the whole city or even the whole province?
      Yuanqinshan: I can't say that our enterprise has done much better now, but our industrial structure and industrial transformation are very in line with the strategic plan of Shanxi's future development, which is also the main reason why leaders from provincial to municipal levels have been particularly fond of and concerned about us. I believe that this kind of love will bring fruitful fruit to the future. It doesn't need to wait 50 years, 100 years, and we can see the results in three or five years. There will be great changes in about 10 years. We can see a world-class excellent brand that grows in Shanxi.
      Although we are not large enough at present, only 10 billion yuan of scale, we will bring the growth rate of geometric multiple level development along the direction of policy and our own efforts.
      For Universiade, the sales volume is only a stage goal, not the ultimate goal of my life. Our ultimate goal is to see our products everywhere in the world, and consumers will extend their thumbs to us to praise us, saying that this product is good and worth it!
      Reporter: from a secular perspective, you have already realized financial freedom. So what is the motivation that drives you to work hard now?
      Yuanqinshan: why do you need to support you when you are a business person? It is not to let you contribute to the society wholeheartedly and serve the people! For each of us, the greater your contribution, the more recognition and respect you get, the more valuable and meaningful you are in the world. So whatever we are doing, as long as you work, as long as you are diligent, as long as you pay, they are all contributing to the society. For example, there are many people around you. You help them to achieve prosperity, they will respect you, and you can feel happy. If you only enjoy it yourself, it can only be called stimulation.
      People still have to have dreams. Our dream is to be a world-class brand rooted in Yuncheng. What can we achieve this dream? Sleep every day or play by mountains and rivers? It's not all right. If each of us realizes our own dream, will our Chinese dream not be realized? Now there is such a good environment and such a large market, how can we not work harder?
      But dreams can not only be said, but also depend on action. No matter what you have in your life, the key is to have dreams. One step by step, the realization of dreams is the happiest and happiest. It has nothing to do with money. I think the greatest happiness is to gain more respect and recognition in pursuing dreams and dedication.
      Reporter: after decades of development, Universiade has precipitated a series of values and rules that we all agree with. If we generalize them as "Universiade spirit", what key words do you think should be included?
      Yuanqinshan: I think it should include at least three aspects. The first is struggle, there is no great fortune without struggle. We can draw this conclusion from our development experience. The second is to be realistic. We have dreams and goals, but we have to step by step. We work hard, but we don't pursue fast speed, we don't rush blindly. The third is innovation. If you do it repeatedly, the contribution is small. If you have none of you, you will make great contributions and receive more recognition and respect. In the management of enterprises, we transfer the relevant national policies to the enterprise, which has a very good effect. The innovation spirit of employees is praised and encouraged, and the employees who work hard get the due return. Through this means, we have constructed a simple personnel relationship with the characteristics of great luck.
      The support for enterprises is unprecedented.
      Reporter: you have talked about the relationship between "seeds and soil" more than once, saying that there is good soil, so that enterprises can develop to the present. Can you tell me more about what the ideal development environment is for the enterprise?
      Yuanqinshan: for example, policy, the first time is you want to do not let you do, now is not only let you do, but also encourage you to do, do well to give you rewards. It's like a dry soil before, and now it's still more and more water. It is important to have a good policy environment, but you must be a good seed yourself. You must try to drill in the soil. You don't try to drill, always float outside, and you can't germinate and grow. With the soil, there are people watering you when it is dry, and then you try your best to make the natural fruit richer.
      Reporter: what do you think is the change of business environment now, and what is the driving effect of this good environment on the development of enterprises?
      Yuanqinshan: in fact, many people do not do business, they do not understand the changes of business environment at present. Let me give you an example. We need to do a very urgent thing in June, which requires the signature of the provincial leaders. Unexpectedly, the relevant deputy governor signed the word in a day, and they were still meeting on the same day, which was signed in time. By 8 o'clock the next day, the governor signed the word. To be honest, this efficiency is much higher than that of all of us that do business. Many people have not seen the change of our Shanxi concept and the improvement of efficiency of work. Such efficiency is unimaginable and will give the enterprise the maximum impetus. It can be said that the current support for enterprises is absolutely unprecedented. With such a good environment, combined with our efforts, we need not let everyone wait 10 years and 20 years, give us three or five years to see our results.
      New energy is an opportunity and is now ready to go public
      Reporter: now, the state financial subsidies for new energy vehicles have been declining rapidly. Tesla's capacity has gradually increased after entering China. Many new energy vehicle enterprises have been struggling to support or even exit the market. Do you think it is a good opportunity to enter the new energy vehicle market? What are the basis for making this strategic decision? What is the current operating situation?
      Yuanqinshan: we didn't have food to eat. You can eat it if you simply make a meal. But now everyone's living standard has improved. You still do the original thing. If you haven't changed it, you will be eliminated. It's like a child. You grow up. The original shoes are not available. If you want to change, you need to create bigger shoes.
      There are many cars that will bring about various problems. Therefore, the State advocates new energy, and walks in such a big direction, the wider it will be. Of course, it may be a little harder at the beginning, because the market demand is a process from scratch to existence, from less to more. You can't say that when everyone needs it, you can do it again, and there may be no chance at that time.
      There are many advantages of new energy vehicles, such as green environment protection, free from resource depletion, saving money, good driving experience, etc. There is no large-scale push forward, mainly infrastructure supporting and some key technologies have bottlenecks. But whoever takes advantage of the opportunity to be bigger and stronger now may occupy the world market in the future. If you are hesitant now, there will be no chance in the future. Of course, there are certain requirements for enterprises themselves, and economic strength, talent team, technical reserve are also necessary.
      In new energy vehicles, China and foreign countries are on the same starting line, but our market is larger and more conducive to sharing large R &amp; D costs, R &amp; D in place, product quality is guaranteed and mutual promotion is favorable. We still have advantages. At present, Universiade has launched a whole series of new energy trucks, and a SUV and an MPV have been listed on new energy passenger vehicles. At present, a new energy car is under development. Now we are also with the help of relevant departments and professional teams, improve various materials and prepare for listing. For a long time, the Universiade relies on natural development, but the time window of development is precious now. We should make full use of capital to realize the transformation and development with higher quality and faster speed.
      Enclosure:[interview] yuanqinshan, chairman of Universiade group: building a world-class brand rooted in Yuncheng
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