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      Strengthen system training and improve management level
      Update Time:2020-07-01  Views:

      In order to further strengthen the management of the company's three systems and system documents, standardize the company's system process, improve the staff's system learning and application ability, promote the implementation of the management system, and effectively improve the company's operation and management level. Meanwhile, in combination with the recommendations of the external audit of the three systems on June 12, the enterprise management department organized the management cadres at or above the competent level to train the system documents, and more than 30 cadres from the company's competent level participated in the training.
      In view of this training, the Enterprise Management Office attaches great importance to, carefully prepares, and reasonably arranges the training time and content. The enterprise management office has sorted out 181 documents that the company cadres should know about the meeting, including 31 procedure documents, 133 system documents and 17 group management documents. From June 15 to July 15, one and a half hours of system document training shall be taken out after work every day.
      The training of system documents and system documents shall be explained and publicized by the heads of relevant business departments. The heads of each department not only made great efforts in the training content and courseware, but also solicited and solicited others in the way of explanation. They integrated the cases and cases into the boring management system explanation in popular language. After the training every day, the enterprise management department shall conduct a unified examination on the training content of the previous day, check the degree of master of the documents, and ensure that there is evidence and rules to follow in the future work.
      Each department of the company organizes the staff to study and train documents by using morning meeting and team meeting.
      So far, 9 special training programs have been carried out. Through this training, employees will further enhance their sense of responsibility to abide by the company's rules and regulations, deepen their understanding of the relevant regulations of the company, lay a solid foundation for the effective implementation of the systems, and provide effective guarantee for the standardized management of the company.

      Enclosure:Strengthen system training and improve management level
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