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      Expand the quality and enhance the combat effectiveness of the team
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         An excellent team is always confident and highly effective. It should have the good qualities of initiative, innovation, independent cooperation and sharing success.
      In order to improve the cohesion of marketing team and cultivate the team awareness of active and innovative marketing personnel, Yuncheng Universiade locomotive market organized all the marketing team members to carry out outdoor quality expansion training in Fenghuang Valley Forest Park on April 1, 2018. Each sales area is a group, each group carries a big flag, each team is fighting high-spirited, striving forward and striving for the first place forever. Their goal is to set up the flag of the three round of Yuncheng Universiade on the top of the Phoenix Valley in the unit of the group.


        After walking along the 4-kilometer highway, each group successively arrived at the foot of Fenghuang Mountain and launched an all-round offensive against the tall and majestic peaks. Each group never gives up, bravely climbs the peak, sweat drenched the skirt, step by step, step by step, and finally the second sales area is the first to reach the top successfully, and the rest of the team are not willing to be outdone and reach the top one after another. With the joint efforts of all members, the flags of the 11th Universiade and the third round of the Universiade are flying above the Phoenix Golden Tripod.

      The team climbed the summit bravely

      Sales area 2 won the first place in the team

      Sales area 8 won the second place in the team

      Third place in sales team

      Phoenix summit group photo of marketing team

         The passionate marketing team is singing at the top of the mountain, the loud voice resounds through the valley, the Mirs of the marketing team are spreading their wings, and the Phoenix Mountain is soaring high above the sky. In the future market development, they will certainly show their style and become a powerful vanguard of Universiade locomotives!

      Enclosure:Expand the quality and enhance the combat effectiveness of the team
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