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    1. Hi, welcome to the official website of Yuncheng Universiade locomotive! Universiade group enterprise e-mail
      Current Location: Home > ABOUT > Corporate Culture
      Enterprise goal: to establish an enterprise culture with honest ideas and values, and become the most successful enterprise for social contribution.
      Enterprise philosophy: ideal is soul, service is life, innovation is blood, harmony is power, credit is bridge, talent is pillar.
      Enterprise spirit: be diligent.
      Business policy: cost-effective, targeted management, flat organization, value maximization.
      Quality policy: pursuing excellence, winning by quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
      Work style: rigorous and meticulous, keep improving, standard in place, dare to innovate.
      Service concept: make the trivial things perfect.
      The concept of personnel selection: talent regardless of the East, West, North and south, choose people regardless of the high and low level, use talent at a large amount of money, treat people with integrity and benevolence.
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